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This 10-page booklet includes many of the topics covered by other Skill Power products, but is especially geared to a younger audience.  Each topic includes one checklist page that outlines the main points of that topic.  It also includes a worksheet page with thoughts on how to improve the skill discussed.  There is also an page for individuals to add more in-depth answers, thoughts or notes.


Topics include:  

  • Confidence in Self-Image - Value, Respect, Image, Resilience, Change 
  • Confidence in Self-Control - My "A-R-E-A of Control" (Actions, Reactions, Emotions, Attitude) 
  • Confidence in the Future - Choices, Decision-making, Motivation
  • Communication Basics - Relationship Rights & Responsibilities 
  • Communication Limits - In Listening, Speaking, Assertiveness, Conflict Management 
  • Achievement through Goal-setting - Creating a Roadmap, Persistence &Determination, Patience 
  • Achievement through Organization -  Logical Commonsense Planning, Budgeting, Innovation
  • Achievement through Cooperation - Strength in Numbers, Good Leadership, Criticism


This booklet can easily be used as a foundation for a customized youth skill-building workshop or program.


Please use the Contact page for questions or comments you may have.

The Power of Youth Program

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