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This 118-page, 8 1/2" x 11", paperback book helps readers create a personal plan for developing:


  • 10 personal strengths, including Confidence, Motivation and Stress Control, that help increase an individual's sense of identity and sense of control;
  • 8 relationship skills, including Communication, Assertiveness and Cooperation, that help increase positive interaction with others;
  • 5 project skills, including Persistence, Decision-making and Organization, that help save time, energy and money.


Along with the exploration of these 23 strengths and skills, 36 skill-building exercises are also included which can help readers better understand each topic and learn how to combine them better meet various life challenges and overcome obstacles at home and work.


This book could easily provide a foundation for or be incorporated into customized life skills workshops or program.  Copies of topic information pages, such as the sample provided are available.  


Please use the Contact page regarding questions or comments you may have.

The Power of Skills Workbook

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  • Skill Power Books is a division of Skill Power LLC.  All books were developed within the company and focus on developing personal, relationship and project skills.

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