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This 120-page 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" paperback book can help readers:


Develop solid personal beliefs about themselves, others and the world in general by exploring 14 specific strengths, which includes setting personal boundaries, maintaining self-control and building character;


Personalize there path to success.  This easy-to-read resource can easily be adapted to individual situations and dreams for the future. 


Bulletpoints and diagrams make information easy to understand and easy to remember.


The final chapter illustrates just how easy practicing beliefs can be.  In this chapter, 23 positive beliefs are broken down into a 3-step plan for action:


  • Belief:                 If I believe....
  • Action:                I will...
  • Consideration:   However, I realize...



  • If I believe positive relationships will make my life better;
  • Then I will evaluate all of my current relationships in terms of mutual trust and respect,minimizing or ending those that have little or no trust and respect.
  • However, I realize some relationships are difficult to end.  Therefore, setting personal boundaries may be important in handling those relationships.



Note:  This book was written by Karen Kolb after 10 years of creating and facilitating various life skills workshops and programs for people with significant barriers to success. Various classes included domestic violence survivors, batterers, inner-city youth, English as a Second Language (ESL) students, those with substance abuse problems and women involved in sexual exploitation.  


Life Skills Made Easy

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