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This 54-page, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", paperback book:


Explores 15 basic beliefs essential to getting - and keeping - meaninful employment. Examples:

  • A successful job search is a process
  • Image communicates attitude
  • Attitude affects outcome
  • Interview preparation increases confidence
  • Every job is an opportunity to learn skills


Provides basic information regarding job applications, resumes and cover letters.


Offers numerous interview pointers and discusses 21 questions often asked during an interview.


Explains how developing personal, relationship and project skills can help individuals take more control over future success.


For more than 7 years, this book has been the basis for a job search skills class offered through a domestic violence shelter. Samples of participant evaluation comments from one class include:

  • I liked talking about the right mindset when looking for a job;
  • Refreshed my mind about interviews;
  • The clarificatons on what is proper and what is not.


Job Search Basics

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  • Skill Power Books is a division of Skill Power LLC.  All books were developed within the company and focus on developing personal, relationship and project skills.

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