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This 51-page, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", paperback book helps readers take more control over future success.  As a compact resource, the book:

  • Explores the "A-R-E-A of Control" (Actions - Reactions - Emotions - Atittude) and how it can improve every situation.
  • Illustrates how increasing the control we have can help overcome feelings of helplessness and increase the confidence nedded to achieve success;
  • Shows how increased control can result in stronger relationships.


Control! Your Key to Success can be used as the basis for skills classes.  For more than 7 years, this book has been used as part of a life skills program facilitated in a domestic violence shelter.  And because of its basic and easy-to-read format, a copy is given to each woman who attends the class. 


Sample participant evaluation comments from one class:

  • I liked the topics and ideas on how to deal with situations that arise;
  • Do not let others control my actions, reactions and emotions;
  • Slow down & think through a situation before reacting;
  • Be ready for change.  Don't let it pull you back into bad situations.  But be as prepared as possible.


This book is also basis for youth program.  This book is the foundation for Skill Power's youth program: The Power of Youth - Managing the Future, also offered on this site.


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CONTROL! Your Key to Success

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