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This 65-page, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" paperback book:

  • Provides a pocket resource for new managers & leaders and a refresher course for seasoned managers & leaders;
  • Explores seven (7) basic qualities of an efficient and efffective leader:  Values, Vision, Passion, People Skills, Communication Skills, Ability and Realism;
  • Offers easy-to-adapt suggestions for strengthening these qualities.


Beyond "official" managers and leaders, this book can benefit just about anyone:

  • Everyone who is managed or lead by anyone can use this resource to evaluate the quality of their leader, which may help pinpoint and hopefully correct problems or hasten the conclusion that maybe a new leader is what is needed.
  • Parents in particular can benefit from learning the fundamentals of leadership, because - like it or not - to become a parent is to become an instant leader.


Common Sense Management / Leadership

SKU: 0003
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