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These wood bead with stone cross bracelets are inspired by the Eastern Christian "Chotki," or "Jesus Beads," that were used in a tradition that dates back to at least the 5th Century. According to tradition, each bead can be used to say a silent breathing prayer. Inhale saying, "Lord Jesus," exhale saying, "Have mercy on me."  Also, as inspired by the tradition, there are 25 beads used for each of these bracelets.


Another use for the bracelet could simply be as a quiet reminder of spiritual beliefs or to keep focused on current or ongoing prayers for strength, guidance, comfort, peace, patience...



"Jesus Beads" Inspired Bracelets

SKU: 0015
  •  Special orders are welcomed. These bracelets make wonderful personal gifts, but they can also be ordered in quantities to distribute to youth groups, mission groups or classes as a way to inspire, motivate or help individuals stay focused on spiriual growth.  (Special orders can also specify the color of beads and crosses to be used.)


    As an example:   Twelve (12) bracelets similar to these Items were ordered by a church group to take to missionaries in the Sudan. Four (4) matching necklaces, which included 100 beads each, were also requested for each of the church members to wear on their trip.


    Please use the Contact page to inquire about particular needs, prices and availbility.

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