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These bracelets are a modern adaptation of the early Christian tradition of the "Chotki" or "Jesus Beads."  Each bracelet is made from a variety of stone, glass and/or metal beads with a simple wooden cross.  Though not as humble in appearance they, too, could be used for silent prayers or a simple reminder of spiritual beliefs or current or ongoing prayer requests.  



Unique Style Bracelets

SKU: 0008
  • Products may be returned within 30 days for full refund of purchase price and standard shipping charges.  

  • Limited quantities of these bracelets are available because each is made with the beads available at the time.  As each item sells out, it will be replaced with a different style.  


    Slight variations in size and color.  Each bracelet is made individually by hand, so there may be slight variations in the color of the beads and cross shown.  Also, the size of each bracelet item can vary depending on the size of the beads and how many are used. (As in the tradiiton, each bracelet has either 25 or 33 beads.) 


    All the bracelets shown are made with stretch cord, so they easily fit most people.


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